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Dear Friends,

As Palestinians born and raised in this country, we now long for the days when we were able to enter Jerusalem freely and without restrictions; no permits required, no thorough searches at check points, no waiting for hours and no hindrances. Seemingly, those days have gone, and never to return again. Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and Easter Sunday were always very special to the Christian Palestinians living in this land. I remember clearly, how much pleasure my father got out of taking us to all the celebrations, starting from Palm Sunday, and throughout the Holy Week up to Easter Sunday. We are now denied all this; we are less than strangers in our own country. My father lived and died with an aching heart, and a yearning for a free Palestine. Less and less Christians are receiving permits that would allow them entry into Jerusalem, while those who have permits refrain from going to avoid the harassments of Israeli soldiers. It is amazing how people cannot perceive the injustice made on the Palestinian people.

Being alienated in one's own land is criminal. We yearn for our freedom.


The New Comers

During this term, we have had three new children; a sister and brother from East Jerusalem, six and seven years old. The boy's name is Yazan and the girl is Mayar. They both have low vision so do their parents.

The third comer is a five-year-old girl, called Sajida, from Beit Ommar, a village near Bethlehem. Yazan and Mayar are settling in quite well, but Sajida, is extremely difficult to manage. Despite the fact that she has been with us for a few weeks now, but she still has not settled down.


Mayar Muhtaseb

Sajida Bahar

Yazan Muhtaseb



Lara, our twelve-year-old girl from Gaza, and who has joined inclusive education at Talita Kumi School in Beit Jala, participated in an English reading competition, and got first prize. She received two certificates, and a nice story book as a present.

Shahd also who is the same age as Lara, joined inclusive education at a local school in Hebron, entered a singing contest and won the first prize.

A few of our mainstreamed children are coming back once a month for revising and learning extra skills and to keep the contact.

We are always very pleased to have them back, as we miss them tremendously.


Al-Shurooq News

Busy as ever, the children are happy and well looked after. Today some of the classes are busy colouring eggs to take home with them, put in a small basket, which they made themselves in their craft classes. They will be going home on a week's holiday, to allow the Christian staff to take some time off.

Children Colouring Easter Eggs

The Moderators Visit

On March the 23rd, we were honoured and privileged to welcome the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland and other distinguished guests. The visit was a very special one, particularly as he was the first Moderator to ever visit our project. As usual, Doris took them round on a tour of the building, and I am quite certain that they were pleased to see the Church of Scotland being represented in almost every corner of the building.

The Moderator of the Church of Scotland
Rev. Bill Hewett and his wife upon their visit to the school


By the time you receive this, Easter will already be behind us, but the Risen Lord will always remain in our hearts and thoughts.
Many thanks and blessings to you all.


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