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Dear Friends,

The scholastic year of 2012/2013 has come to an end. All children have gone home and ample work needs to be done whilst they are away. Starting with maintenance, we have come into an agreement with the UNDP to help with the maintenance of the building especially after the damage that followed the heavy rain we experienced in January. The damage was estimated around 2000. Staff training will also take place within the up coming weeks. Four training workshops will be carried out for all teachers, old and newly recruited.

Also, we are looking into the possibility of vocational training, as an additional service provided by the Society for visually impaired children unable academically to join inclusive education. That should keep us busy throughout the hot summer days.


Staff Training

From June 19 -21, 2013 and in accordance with the new Executive Committee's plan of development and capacity building, a four-day training workshop was held for teachers and other staff members of the Society.

The training aimed at enhancing trainees' adapted writing, reading and mathematics skills, in addition to the different evaluation methods and techniques.

Staff Training

Bidding farewell

It was not an easy task to say good bye to four of our dear children after having them with us at Al-Shurooq School for over six years. Watching them grow by the day and then having to let them go is heartbreaking. Our only consolation is our conviction that it's for the children's best interest.

Nour, Shayma, George and Doha, 12 years old, left us to live with their families and join inclusive education at mainstream schools nearer their homes. They will stay connected with the society through the follow-up programme, with regular home and school visits and their needs met in terms of Braille books, paper, typewriters and assistive aids and tools.


Summer Camp in Tiberias

The second term ended on June 6th, when all children went home after having done their end of term evaluations, only to be back on June 25th when it was that time of year again, the highlight of the children's year the summer camp at the Benedictine Monastery in Tabgha.

From June 25th to July 2nd, eighteen children were accompanied by five staff members and two volunteers to spend a week by the Sea of Galilee.
Fortunately this year we were given the main building to sleep in rather than the tents, which we had last year. Being in the main building meant having the air conditioner on all the time, which added to the bliss and comfort. With 7 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large kitchen and a spacious foyer, everyone had enough space to relax and enjoy their time.


Group Photo

Dancing on deck

Enjoying the cool water

The days were spent mostly in the water, although other activities were carried out. Handicrafts, storytelling, and walking in the wilderness were quite popular. An hour's ride on the boat on a breezy afternoon made the camp worthwhile.

Thank you friends and supporters for making the summer camp possible.


Opera Carmen

On April 13, 2013, the children of Al-Shurooq School attended Opera Carmen accompanied by the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music (ESNCM) orchestra performed at the Solomon Pools' Convention Center in the city of Bethlehem.

Once the music began, the audience was captivated in the melodies of the violin, cello, flute, bass and drums played by young Palestinian and international musicians, and the Swiss singers whose voices brought closer the story of Carmen.

Wearing the Palestinian kuffiya on their shoulders, the Swiss St. Michel Choir and the Palestinian musicians portrayed not only an act of celebration of the western and eastern music and art, but it was also a clear expression of resistance and solidarity with Palestine.

Our children were initially excited to be present in such a wonderful setting, but half an hour through the performance they became inattentive and wanted to go back to school!! Can't blame them really The music was not familiar to their ears and they could not visualize the whole setting of the stage with the 120 musicians participating. It was an experience nonetheless.

Opera Carmen on stage

Braille Book Production Unit

For the last three months, the society was able to produce 15 new book titles that fell in 22 volumes. All were given out on loan.

Thank you friend and supporters for your continuous interest, love and prayers.


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